Watts Catering was established in 2008, but owner, Ray Watts, personally has over 24 years’ experience producing high quality food.

Watts Catering offers on-board boat catering. Whether it’s a wedding or any other gathering, Watts Catering will have a chef on-board to provide a range of menus – breakfast, lunch, dinner, cocktails or canapes.

Chefs, fully kitted out in chef whites, provide and cook high quality food, straight from the boat! The chefs are armed with the experience and knowledge to produce food fitting the current trends, and your personal preferences and tastes.

Give your guests the full experience – they’ll enjoy a range of quality freshly cooked food, and the added touch of seeing the chef on-board to tailor your catering.

Watts Catering plan, prepare, customise and execute on your special day, aiming to provide a special and memorable event.

Ray Watts, Chef
Ray Watts, owner of Watts Catering
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